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nameyourpricewebhosting is the most innovative e-commerce solution and affiliate referral program I've seen yet! Plus, they pay me commissions on the selling price that I determine, not them! Keep up the good work, Secure Independence!

Rich Morello

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Wow! Your company is the first I have ever dealt with that really (and I mean really!) cares about customer service. It's great to know that you listen to your customers. I'm impressed!

Les Pinczi

Web Designers, Webmasters, Webmistresses

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In a short period I have over 70 web hosting referrals. What attracted me to Secure Independence in the first place is their track record. They've been in business since 1987, and when I researched the company I found they have a spotless track record. Over the years they've always given great service and they've never been late in paying out commissions.

Unlike other companies that try to keep all the profits, I automatically get commissions if any of my clients purchase any extra products or services from them. It's like getting extra money for no extra work.

I just can't say enough about Secure Independence. I've never seen such a hard working group of people. And I really appreciate how fast they take care of my referral clients. I recommend Secure Independence to anyone who is serious about receiving tremendous service and developing a solid income.

Dale Potts

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Unlike companies that cut commission checks once a month or once a quarter, Secure Independence lets you order a commission check whenever you want one! Just come to this site, login, access your account, check to see how much you have in your Available Money fund, and request a check to be printed. Our staff will take care of your check request within 24 hours and your check will be on it's way to you! Isn't it time you Register and start making money for referring others to nameyourpricewebhosting?

Great web hosting service at a price I name, fantastic monthly commissions, and paychecks whenever I want them. Why would anyone host their website anywhere else!

Margaret Sutcliffe


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